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In the Top 5 with the largest of the country; for a company that is only based in the North and East of the Netherlands, that is quite an achievement. KroeseWevers, with multiple branches in Twente, is now officially amongst Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and EY (the so-called Big4) as one of the best fiscal consultancy firms of 2016. Since 2001, MT Finance has been researching the best companies in financial servicing each year.

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‘We are proud of this listing. It is extraordinary that we have managed to take hold of this fourth position amongst the Big4, even though we have only been established in north and east Netherlands. It shows that our clients appreciate our way of working and that we manage to distinguish ourselves both regionally and internationally’, says Jan Arkink, chairman of the executive board at KroeseWevers.

More than just declarations, advice, financial statements and audits

KroeseWevers advises entrepreneurs about accountancy, taxes and other financial issues. Distinctive herein is the broad expertise and the multidisciplinary approach, which allows clients to also take up strategic matters, such as a take-over, with the consultants of KroeseWevers. But also, the approachability of employees plays an important role in this. “In our region we are close to our entrepreneurs and take our time to advise them”, says Eric Hutten, member of the executive board at KroeseWevers.

Deciphering is our way of unburdening

At KroeseWevers is not just about the numbers. Jan Arking: “Deciphering is our way of unburdening”. Eric Hutten also agrees that it is more about the people than the numbers: “We have been able to tie very good employees to us. Their knowledge, quality and commitment form the axis on which we turn.”

MT Finance

The MT Finance research into the best financial service providers of the Netherlands in 2016 is carried out annually, in collaboration with Inscope Consulting, related to the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Have a look at the MT Finance top 20 here and see who the best fiscal consultancy firms of 2016 are.

Date: 25 October 2016 |

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