Entrepreneur from Twente with a mission

This year is all about ‘mission-based’: those innovations and technologies that create impact and contribute to a better world and a sustainable future. Engineers in Twente work on sustainable mobility, water technology and energy technology daily, contributing to a better world and developing solutions to tackle climate issues. Expertise, entrepreneurship and innovative capacity are required to develop these technologies and innovations and to create social impact.

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In short

  • Expertise, entrepreneurship and innovative capacity are required to develop technologies and innovations and to create social impact.
  • Eelco Osse is an entrepreneur from Twente with a mission. He is nominated for the Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs.

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Eelco Osse is one of the many engineers from Twente with the skillset required to innovate using technology. With his company, Machinefabriek Boessenkool from ondernemend Almelo, he and his employees contribute to a circular economy through product development. For example, by developing solutions for CO2 reduction, energy storage and recycling. 

DeSpray, a mega-drone and a flying tractor

Machinefabriek Boessenkool won the Dutch Innovation Award 2018 in June last year because of their mega-drone. This drone is capable of lifting up to 500 kilos, making it usable as flying tractor to spray crops, but also, for example, as a cargo and freight transport tool in disaster areas by placing a cargo net or a stretcher underneath. The cargo drone increases security in times of peace and war. Additionally, Boessenkool developed DeSpray. This installation can fully recycle millions of spray cans every year and has been rewarded with a nomination for the International Sustainable Innovation Award.


It has been an innovative and successful year for Eelco Osse and his company. Especially because the KIVI (Royal Institute of Engineers) noticed, and nominated him for the Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs, making Osse one of the three most successful engineers of the Netherlands

Vote Eelco Osse, a mission-led entrepreneur from Twente

Eelco Osse is a nominee for the Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs 2019. Vote now! Casting votes is possible up to and including Sunday 17 March.

Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs

KIVI awards the Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs yearly to the most excellent engineer. Not just excellent technical skills are considered. Clear vision, entrepreneurial mindset and innovative capacity are also considered.


Prince Friso, a highly valued member of KIVI, was a mechanical and aerospace engineer. He was active at the intersection of engineering and society, leaving the engineering world with an inspiring legacy. That makes it particularly honourable to award the “Engineer of the year” with the Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs every year.

Date: 21 January 2019 |

Source of tekst: Machinefabriek Boessenkool |

Author: Twente.com