Haaksbergen offers companies settlement and growth opportunities in modern business parks on the edge of the village. Most eye-catching is the new Stepelerveld business park, which is still under construction. Haaksbergen wants to realise a great ambition here: Stepelerveld must become the most sustainable business park in Twente, possibly even in the Netherlands.

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Gemeente Haaksbergen
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7481 EB Haaksbergen
+31 (0)53 573 45 67 gemeente@haaksbergen.nl www.haaksbergen.nl
The most sustainable business park

They want to achieve this with sustainable infrastructure and buildings, maximum biodiversity, clean water systems and smart roads and biking lanes.

Example projects

Sustainable roads are created using Warm Mixed Asphalt. Solar panels are integrated into the biking lanes to provide energy to the dynamic LED lighting. There will also be a testing ground for developing innovative products, such as cementless concrete products with a top layer based on a vegetable binder with reflective properties so that less street lighting is required. Stepelerveld is an example project where the municipality, province, and companies work closely together.

Succeeding in sustainability

The ambitious concept for this business park arose when floor manufacturer Uzin Utz was the first company to settle here with a sensational, energy-efficient building. This inspired entrepreneurial Haaksbergen to extend the green concept to the entire business park. Naturally, companies that do business sustainably are welcomed here with open arms. And where necessary, they are also supported to make further sustainability improvements. The ambitions and expectations are high. There is great confidence that Stepelerveld will attract many entrepreneurs. These can be large and small as well as existing and start-up companies.

State of business activity and sustainability

An up-to-date picture with background information about activity and sustainability in Haaksbergen can be found on the dashboard of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG):

Municipality of Haaksbergen

The Municipality of Haaksbergen includes Haaksbergen and the church villages of St. Isidorushoeve and Buurse. The population consists of almost 25,000 people from Twente:

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Life and tourism in Haaksbergen

The Municipality of Haaksbergen offers a beautiful environment with farm landscapes and nature reserves. Cycling and walking enthusiasts will find what they want here. Not only the surroundings make the Municipality of Haaksbergen an attractive place to live and relax. For its size, it also has an extensive range of facilities, including a diverse range of shops, plenty of sports facilities, a subtropical swimming pool and a theatre.


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