Re-using used cars

The circular economy is all about re-usage. A Fiat Doblo now starts its third life in Twente because the ROC van Twente has repurposed the car. This is how Twente sets material sustainability standards.

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In short

  • In a circular economy, products are reused as much as possible instead of considered as waste. Also, products are designed with re-use in mind.
  • Twente Milieu handed over a Fiat Doblo to the ROC van Twente. This depreciated car originally ran on petrol and natural gas.
  • In its third life at ROC van Twente the car is used in car technology practical lessons and as an environmentally friendly shopping car

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Unique process and result

In 2014, Twente Milieu ran a pilot to convert a depreciated Fiat Doblo into an electric vehicle, making it the first converted car in Twente. For two years, students from ROC van Twente worked on converting the Fiat into an electric car in collaboration with car company Stepelo. It was a process of trial and error because the car was never designed to be powered by electricity. A unique conversion process, especially because of the student involvement. 

Third life

With the Fiat now being an electric car, the ROC van Twente uses it to practice measuring and diagnosing electric cars. This is one of the requirements for car mechanics nowadays. The Fiat’s second life started by converting it into an electric car. Now that the ROC van Twente uses it in practical lessons and as an environmentally friendly shopping car, a third life has started!

Close collaboration

Twente Milieu and the ROC van Twente often collaborate. For example, the ROC van Twente has specifically designed its courses to meet the demand of Twente milieu. Mechanics are NEN certified for safe electrical vehicle maintenance. In turn, Twente Milieu makes their vehicles available for specific lessons, is an official training company and provides input on improvement of the study programmes. 

Date: 23 May 2019 |

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