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Twente and textiles. They were long mentioned in the same breath, but the region is now mostly known as an innovative and technically well-developed area of the Netherlands. But the textile industry is quickly developing right now, so it would not be strange if Twente returned to the field. 

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  • Rutger Springer loves the outdoors and is committed to nature. Ideavelop in Goor, the company he co-owns, shares that commitment.
  • The most beautiful part of the country, according to him, is the Eastern Netherlands. Because of the environment, but also because the people there work together and put their words into action.


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Take Ideavelop in Goor. A team of around 15 people committed to the environment who represent and develop renowned outdoor brands. 
Ideavelop founded the Blue LOOP Originals brand in 2008 when they realised how much textile waste was being burnt or ended up in landfills. Only a small percentage is recycled – mostly as insulation material in cars. What a waste! Ideavelop's employees ensure that innovative ideas are turned into beautiful products made mostly from worn clothing.



“Anyone who loves nature feels a connection to it. It automatically finds a place in your heart", says Rutger Springer. He is responsible for marketing at Ideavelop and owns the company with Gertjan Eshuis and Ron van de Wiel. "Thinking about the impact of us as consumers on the world comes naturally to me. In my private life, I think about how much meat I eat, how many products I really need and how often I could go by bike instead of by car.” Rutger brings this way of thinking to his work at Ideavelop, just like his colleagues.


One of the best examples can be found in the warehouse at Klavermaten in Goor: a massive pile of used jeans. "These jeans are converted into denim fluff that, among other things, is used to make sweatshirts. These are then sold by our retailers in the Benelux, Germany and the UK.” Ideavelop works with several other parties to make this innovation reality. Textile recycling company Frankenhuis in Haaksbergen processes the old jeans, but there is also a collaboration with Altex just over the border in Gronau.

Rutger is proud of what his company contributes to reducing the use of virgin raw materials in all countries. “A substantial portion of our products can even be brought back into the chain after use and be reused as raw materials for other products.”



The marketing manager works in Goor, but you can often find him in his company’s showroom in Maasbergen. He was born in Hardenberg and lives in Zwolle. “So I’m not a real Tukker, but I do love the Eastern Netherlands. My girlfriend Sharon and I love cycling and hiking on the Salland Ridge or near Ootmarsum and the Holterberg.” Rutger says Twente is a fantastic home for Ideavelop. “Because there are a lot of companies here with know-how in textiles, recycling, and innovation, but also because there is a pleasant mentality in this part of the country. There is cooperation, also between companies. If someone has an idea, they find others that might benefit from it too. That is how things work here, just like taking action and trying things out.


“For example, we are now developing footwear; flip flops, slippers and trainers made from old worn-out hiking boots. The idea came about when we saw how many pairs of hiking boots were collected at outdoor sports shop Bever. We started working with that.”
We made different prototypes, but they do not yet meet the quality requirements. Rutger does not doubt that they will soon. "We have already developed many good products, like high-quality waterproof jackets from old textiles, wool jumpers; you name it. It’s only a matter of time before we have footwear!”


Twente lives

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Date: 5 December 2022 |

Source of tekst: Ideavalop |

Author: Maaike Thüss

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