The digital world has become an integral part of our lives. Digitisation is more than a 'handy extra', we need it to continue growing. Digitisation affects many important aspects of our lives such as healthcare and safety, as well as solutions for the climate. 

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Internet security

Twente excels in three specific themes when it comes to internet security: the safety of networks, the security of data and the related social and economic aspects.


Aiko Pras, Professor of Internet Security at the University of Twente says: “Twente’s work in the field of cyber security is unique. Unlike many other researchers, we do not limit ourselves to designing more secure systems, also known as security by design. It is an illusion to think, in our globalised world, that if we start building more secure systems, others will too. It is therefore essential to collect large amounts of data from reality, analyse security problems and arrive at new insights. We can only improve existing systems and design new systems in this way. This data-driven approach sets us apart from others.”

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