Internship/Graduation: Hardware In the Loop (HIL) Testing

Demcon has a position free for an Internship/Graduation: Hardware In the Loop (HIL) Testing.

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In the past years DEMCON has developed many mechatronic systems. Often such a system consists of a PLC system to allow users to control systems.

 It is very important that applications & functions running on a PLC actually perform the way it’s intended by the engineer who implemented it. Most often function tests are performed manually and on the hardware of the end-product, but this increases risk of damage. To ensure this does not happen, these (function)tests should be performed before actually deploying the software.

It is possible to automatically perform function tests directly on a (sub)set of hardware, this is called Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing. With a HIL test system you can test your software directly on a hardware platform without having the complete system present. You can also verify functions by overriding In and Output signals to make sure the software is robust and works as intended.

The added benefit of performing such tests is that it reduces the time required for testing and validation of the software during the integration and testing phase of a project.

What will you do?

During this assignment you will:

  • Learn about Bachmann VxWorks PLC system, Debuggers, VSCode and Git
  • Program in C++ and Pytho
  • Learn how to set up a CI/CD system in Gitlab
  • Design and implement a simple C++ PLC program for a Bachmann test system
  • Set up an CI/CD build system in Gitlab for automated unit, function & integration testing
  • Write simple function tests that can be run on the PLC
  • Use Python to implement the function tests used to automatically verify the system
  • Use Data Acquisition system to read and write digital & analogue inputs/outputs
  • Present the outcome of the research within DEMCON

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