Partnering with Twente Board means contributing to both your own organization's success and the well-being of the Twente region. As a non-profit economic governance, Twente Board collaborates with businesses, education, and government to improve the living standards in the area, known as Gross Twente Happiness.

Advantages for both parties

Twente Board goes beyond planning and policy making, connecting people to Twente through its platform and guiding them towards businesses and organizations in the region.

Partnership opportunities with Twente Board

The partnership options with Twente Board are tailored to meet the needs of your organization. The Talent Package is available for those looking to attract new employees, while custom packages can be arranged for branding purposes with key influencers in Twente. Contact Twente Board to see how we can support your organization's growth in the region.

~ Caren Dijkhuis, partnermanager Twente Board