Symposium Electrochemical Energy Storage

In the era of energy transition towards full sustainable energy the subject of energy storage is of utmost importance. This symposium focuses on electrochemical energy storage – batteries – as this technology is crucial for many of anticipated developments. Moreover, already a wide range of applications exists, from batteries in electronic devices such as tablets, smart phones and laptops to large size batteries in electrical bicycles, cars and so on.

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Wanneer: 4 februari 2020
Tijd: 13:30 - 17:30
Organisator: KIVI Oost
Locatie: Hengelosestraat 500 7521 AN Enschede

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An overview will be given of the present status, the state of the art and of prospects regarding the use of electrochemical energy storage. Thin film batteries for small devices and large scale application as found in companies like VDL will be reviewed. What is the ultimate energy density achievable? An important question is on the availability of sufficient material for future applications and on the recyclability.


The following leaders in the field are invited for presentations:


* University of Twente: Prof. dr. ir. Mark Huijben, Professor at Inorganic Materials Science Group


Lithium-ion batteries: finally a Nobel Prize, but how about the future?


Nowadays lithium-ion batteries are the most popular rechargeable batteries, as they have become the main power source for many applications, such as portable electronics, power tools, and hybrid/full electric vehicles. In 2019 the inventors were finally given the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. However, none of the current batteries can fully satisfy all the challenging requirements for energy storage in projected future devices. An overview will be given by the latest developments for next-generation lithium-ion battery technology with enhanced energy density, charging rates, lifetime and safety.


* VDL Energy Systems: Tom Wagenvoort MSc, Lead Engineer New Business Development

Primarily, VDL will focus as system integrator on the market of electrochemical energy storage, in particular regarding high power application for busses and trucks but also for ships. What is the market's demand and which are the prevailing techniques and technologies for these applications? 


* Elestor Electricity Storage: Yohanes Hugo MSc, PhD TU/e and researching MEAs for Elestor’s Hydrogen Bromine Flow Battery


Flow battery technology enabling renewable supply on a 24/7 basis.


Technologies to harness solar and wind powers are available and cost effective nowadays. However, these renewables are intermittent, thus they are not available all the time. For the transition to fully sustainable energy supply, cost-effective energy storage technology is a prerequisite. In this presentation I will explain about Elestor’s focus on hydrogen-bromine flow batteries as a promising solution and will detail about proton exchange membrane technology.


* Qirion B.V.: Dr. ir. Maarten van Blijderveen, Energy Architect


The Netherlands faces a major sustainability challenge: 95% CO2 reduction in 2050. This requires radical changes to our energy supply. After all, the energy system must not only keep greenhouse gases within sustainable limits, but will also have to remain within maintainable limits of the use of space, use of materials, required labor and CO2 investments. We call the design of such an energy system Energy Planning. The application of batteries in this sustainable energy supply should be evaluated accordingly. Maarten will present a newly developed method to do this evaluation.


This symposium is organized by the KIVI Department of Technical Physics, KIVI Students Twente and C.T.S.G. Alembic.