NPT Café at the University of Twente

Het NPT Café is een initiatief van de Nederlandse Procestechnologen en wordt met enige regelmaat georganiseerd. Voor de editie van 8 mei is het thema Vaste stof verwerking en zijn er sprekers uitgenodigd van Gericke - experts op dit gebied. Ben je geïnteresseerd in het mengen, scheiden en (pneumatisch) transporteren van bulkgoederen? Meld je dan aan!

Evenement details

Wanneer: 8 mei 2019
Tijd: 16:00 - 18:00
Organisator: KIVI
Locatie: Universiteit Twente Noordhorst 209 (NH209) Gebouw 24 Enschede

Global Goal

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Dear Process Engineer,


The Netherlands Process Technologists Café is an NPT initiative to organize Process Engineering related lectures that are linked to a networking Café after the lectures. The aim is to share knowledge on a wide range of chemical engineering topics in an informal setting, and to connect with other professionals. In Enschede, the NPT Café East is already in its fourth year and we have seen many highly interesting presentations ranging from food and beer, biomass and wastewater to composites for aviation.


On 8 May, our setting is for a change not in the city center of Enschede, but at the University of Twente, where we can hear all about solids handling, a topic that is important in industry, but does not get a lot of academic attention. Therefore, we are very happy to welcome our speaker(s) from Gericke  who are experts in the field.


Are you also interested in pneumatic transport, mixing and separation of solids? And off course in the networking drinks afterwards?… Then please sign up for this event!


It is for free, but we really would like to know how many attendants we can expect. After the lecture, the drinks are supplied by the BorrelCie from Alembic. Looking forward to see you on 8 May!


Best regards from your local Twente NPT team:

Niels Hietberg - Marloes Raspe - Boelo Schuur


NH209 is in building 24 on the campusmap. You can enter through the main entrance at building 20