GOGBOT symposium 2020 Quantum Supremacy in the Age of Pandemic

Can a quantum computer defeat Covid-19? Quantum Supremacy predicts a ‘supercomputer’, one billion times faster than today’s best computer. Imagine a world in which Artificial Intelligence is powered by this supreme technology and has one sole task… To end the current pandemic. What would this AI look like and how can we harness the power of Quantum Computers?

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Wanneer: 12 september 2020
Tijd: 13:00 - 17:30
Organisator: Tetem
Locatie: Wenninkgaarde 40-42 7511 PH Enschede

Global Goal

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At the GOGBOT symposium this year we look beyond the hype of the quantum computer and easy cure claims. Both suffer from pushy, half-fictional stories in popular news outlets. GOGBOT offers a down to earth approach with an ironic touch that will provide some necessary background to current overheated debates. Three scientists and two artists will discuss topics ranging from the making of the so-called Corona-app (tracking the Covid-19 virus’ journey around the Netherlands) to the ethical issues surrounding the use of new technologies in healthcare and other sensitive areas and the impact of artificial intelligence on the institutionalization of art. Last but not least we present the first steps in quantum computer art in the Netherlands. All this will be presented in a very special setting indeed. Come join us for the live on site and online 2020 edition of the GOGBOT symposium!


“The pressure is on to find a vaccine for the new coronavirus. Labs around the world are working on it, often using samples and data gathered before from earlier, related virus outbreaks. What if we could speed up their production maybe a 100 million times? For this we would need an entirely new tool and some suggest the quantum computer could be it, when it is a fully functioning stable computer that is. Already in 2015 Google claimed its mammoth D-wave 2X quantum computer was 100 million times faster than a traditional computer chip. Just last year it even announced to have reached something called ‘quantum supremacy’, a state in which a quantum computer solves an issue no ordinary computer could solve in a feasible amount of time. But are speedy calculations the most important part of finding protection from viruses and cures for diseases?


Dutch science philosopher and ethicist Peter Paul Verbeek discusses some of the concerns surrounding the development of the Dutch ‘corona-app’, in which he is involved. British e-health researcher Claudia Pagliari talks about issues new technologies including quantum computing present to the future of healthcare. Artist Joan Heemskerk (of artist duo JODI) and scientist Anton Akhmerov of the Quantum Tinkerer group in Delft will co-present the results of their special collaboration, creating the first artwork made with a quantum computer in the Netherlands. Last but not least the Austrian artist Liz Vlx, member of the Austrian/Swiss/American art group Ubermorgen, provides a semi-satirical take on AI. We are proud to have her present the first results of Ubermorgen’s new project The Next Biennial Should Be Curated By A Machine. It reveals the uncertainties around human agency at the dawn of the age of artificial intelligence in a funny yet revealing manner.”


With speakers:

  • André Melo & Joan Heemskerk
  • Claudia Pagliari
  • Peter Paul Verbeek
  • Liz Vlx
  • Barnaby Monk
  • Playmodes



  • Josephine Bosma
  • Kees de Groot

GOGBOT Symposium:   €8 /  Students  €6

This ticket grants access to the GOGBOT Symposium on Saturday 12 September, 13:00 – 17:30 in Muziekcentrum Enschede.