Future of Thermoplastics Composites Conference

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend our Future of Thermoplastic Composites conference on October 8th, 2019, in celebration of our 10 year anniversary. During this conference, a number of prominent experts will provide their insights into state-of-the-art and future technological developments and applications in the field of thermoplastic composites.

Evenement details

Wanneer: 8 oktober 2019
Tijd: 09:00 - 20:00
Organisator: TPRC
Locatie: University of Twente, in the building 'Waaier'

Global Goal

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The conference will offer ample opportunity to meet and speak with experts from the TPRC network and other participants during the breaks and the informal dinner after the conference.


Please make sure to register timely, so you do not miss the opportunity to get the latest insights and meet the experts!


The event will be held at the University of Twente in Enschede, in the building Waaier. Check this website for the program, hotels and other information.


For questions about the conference, do not hesitate to contact us. You can send an email to marketing@tprc.nl. For other contact details https://tprc.nl/contact