Electrochemical Energy Storage

In the era of energy transition towards full sustainable energy the subject of energy storage is of utmost importance. This symposium focuses on electrochemical energy storage – batteries – as this technology is crucial for many of anticipated developments. Moreover, already a wide range of applications exists, from batteries in electronic devices such as tablets, smart phones and laptops to large size batteries in electrical bicycles, cars and so on.

Evenement details

Wanneer: 4 februari 2020
Tijd: 13:30 - 17:30
Organisator: KIVI
Locatie: The Gallery (Universiteit Twente) Hengelosestraat 500 7521 AN Enschede

Global Goal

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An overview will be given of the present status, the state of the art and of prospects regarding the use of electrochemical energy storage. Thin film batteries for small devices and large scale application as found in companies like VDL will be reviewed. What is the ultimate energy density achievable? An important question is on the availability of sufficient material for future applications and on the recyclability.


13:30  -  14:00 uur Walk in with coffee and tea
14:00  -  14:10 uur Welcome by dr. Jan Botman, Chairman KIVI Technische Fysica
14:10  -  16:30 uur Presentations
16:30  -  17:30 uur Closure with a drink