Technologie Kring Twente

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Postbus 40250
7504 RG Enschede

TKT’s activities are focussed on stimulating entrepreneurship and growth for more knowledge-intensive and technological developments in Twente. The exchange of information for more or better cooperation regarding high-tech innovation is central to this.

Cooperation and cluster formation

TKT fulfils a connecting role between companies and other parties. Central to this is creating cooperation and clustering within Twente’s economic ecosystem. This leads to a business climate in which technological innovations increasingly contribute to the continuous growth of Twente’s manufacturing industry for more future-proof economic activity. The technology-intensive companies affiliated with TKT are active in technical fields such as IT and internet, micro- and nanotechnology, biomedical techniques, smart devices and smart materials, renewable energy and cleantech.

Personal and business growth

As a discussion partner for numerous authorities, TKT gives entrepreneurs a say in numerous matters such as incentive schemes. The network partners help each other with personal or business growth as technology pioneers. TKT organises so-called ‘Zamenhof’ sessions every two months, which always have a specific theme and are introduced by high-tech entrepreneurs. They also organise ‘Founder Meets CEO’ meetings. The founders of start-ups meet CEOs of larger companies or multinationals to exchange experiences and networks and further increase their knowledge. Lectures are also organised regularly on subjects regarding entrepreneurship. Topics vary from legality to finances to sales.

Network partners

TKT works on a sustainable future with other network organisations such as TechWise Twente in Hengelo and Industriële Kring Twente (Industrial Circle Twente, IKT) in Hengelo.