Entrepreneurial Losser has a varied range of companies, some of which are internationally active in sectors such as the metal industry, textiles and the food industry.

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Gemeente Losser
Raadhuisplein 1
7581 AG Losser
+31 (0)53 53 77 444 gemeente@losser.nl www.losser.nl
Excellent business climate

Losser has an excellent business climate. Communication with the city administration is accessible and direct, entrepreneurs can easily find their way around, and they are closely involved in new economic developments.

Modern business parks

There are many business opportunities on modern business parks, the largest of which are De Zoeker Esch and De Pol. They are situated at the edge of the town centre and only fifteen minutes away from the A1 motorway, a major road that connects to the west of the country, Germany and the rest of Europe. The business parks are managed by Stichting Parkmanagement Losser (Losser Park Management Foundation). They take care of joint energy procurement, waste collection and security. The foundation works together with the municipality on behalf of the entrepreneurs to strengthen the entrepreneurial climate and make it more sustainable.

State of business and sustainability

An up-to-date view of Losser with background information on business activity and sustainability can be found on the dashboard of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten, VNG):


Municipality of Losser

Losser consists of the towns of Losser, Beuningen, De Lutte, Overdinkel and Glane. They have over 22,500 inhabitants.


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100% energy-neutral

The municipality of Losser wants to be one hundred per cent energy-neutral by 2040. The first step towards this goal should be taken in 2020; the municipality of Losser wants to be 20% energy-neutral by then. Local authorities have drawn up a dynamic implementation plan with action points. They want to construct rainwater sewers and storage areas at the edge of built-up areas to anticipate the extreme weather conditions that can accompany climate change. They also want to enable residents to disconnect water from roofs and water on hardened surfaces from the sewer system with a so-called disconnection subsidy.


Involving school children in sustainability

A fascinating initiative regarding energy conservation and increasing sustainability in the municipality of Losser is the ‘Greune Deal’ (Green Deal): agreements between the municipality and primary school pupils to reduce the energy consumptions of schools by ten per cent have been written down in contracts. Above all, to make children aware of the importance of responsible energy consumption. The pupils become the owners of their school’s energy bill in a way, and they are encouraged to set up all kinds of activities supported by energy coaches. 


Twente’s treasury

The municipality of Losser has many natural attractions and likes to call itself ‘de schatkamer van Twente’ (Twente’s treasury). And rightly so. The natural areas are beautiful, with push moraines around De Lutte, the Tankenberg, Lutterzand, bird area De Oelemans and picturesque little river De Dinkel. Many enthusiasts have been travelling here since the 1950s. There is also a wide range of restaurants and accommodation.


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