Twente Manufacturing culture central to this collaboration

The first @Home edition of the Maker Festival Twente, past May and June, was very successful. The physical event could not take place due to the coronavirus and all the associated measures. That is why Tetem started looking for a way to still make it possible, so the online edition “MFT@Home” was born. More than a thousand children and adults from Twente were introduced to the digital manufacturing culture in Twente during the online edition of the Maker Festival.
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In short

  • The Maker Festival Twente could not take place due to the measures around corona.
  • A @home programme was set up, a MaakMeeLab (Experiencing Lab) was opened, and October is the Maker Month.
  • Central to this collaboration is craftsmanship, acting and Twente technology.

Global Goal

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Tetem’s @Home programme

Tetem started looking for alternatives for the Maker Festival Twente, to still be able to do something within the temporary normal. @Home kits were developed in collaboration with various companies and cultural institutions from Twente. Children, teenagers and adults can learn programming at home, and they can work on other technological challenges. The kits are already available for children from 6 years old.

Twente Manufacturing culture

The business community in Twente, including Techniekpact Twente, have made a major contribution to Tetem’s online manufacturing activities. Different kits have been put together, and each kit has a certain technique associated with it. These are all techniques that are also used in business life. Aeronamic’s 3D printing technique, for example. But companies such as Tecnotion, Thales and VDL ETG are also participating in this collaboration. Central to this collaboration are craftmanship, acting and Twente technology.


Tetem’s MaakMeeLab opened on the fifteenth of July 2020. It is an open workplace and meeting place in one. Designers, artists, residents and the public can make use of the many manufacturing facilities here, all aimed at the digital and manufacturing cultures. The lab is equipped with the latest techniques and technologies; 3D (food) printers, laser cutters, Virtual Reality, robotics, home automation and more. Reservations are mandatory. 


Maker Month

Twente’s Maker Month will take place in October, in addition to the various online activities. Small-scale manufacturing activities are presented in the Maker Month, all of which tie in with existing activities in the region.

Date: 17 July 2020 |