Kennispark Twente, an exciting location for international companies

Kennispark Twente is a high-tech innovation campus on the outskirts of Enschede. Science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship come together here. (International) Tech companies of all sizes, spin-offs, start-ups, and the University of Twente, the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands, join forces here and share technological experiences.  This combination makes Kennispark the perfect location to settle for many companies. ROSEN Group is one of the international companies that chose Kennispark Twente in 2019.

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Inspiring environment

Kennispark Twente is a dynamic environment with much activity. It is one of the four prime locations in entrepreneurial Twente and an area of focus for many providers in high-tech systems and materials. One of ROSEN Group’s reasons for opening a branch at this location in Twente is its inspiring environment. “There is a great willingness to cooperate here, but there is also still a healthy sense of competition”, says Klaas Kole, team captain at ROSEN Group.


Close to the German border

ROSEN Group currently has over 25 locations worldwide, and Enschede is the second Dutch location. You can find them in Lingen as well, just across the German border. By creating a new location at Kennispark Twente, ROSEN Group now has the opportunity to forge closer ties with colleagues from Oldenzaal and Lingen. The location in Enschede has already started some support projects for ROSEN Group in Lingen. They want to keep expanding this collaboration in the future. 

Working with the University of Twente

ROSEN Group profits from their location at Kennispark in several ways. They can not only work more closely together with colleagues from other sites, they also benefit from the knowledge of the University of Twente. There have already been several great collaborations in a year. Klaas: “We have had collaborative projects with the university for quite some time now, and we are in contact with them to develop further solutions for various development projects of our ROSEN technology platform. There are currently three student projects in progress.”

ROSEN Group has been located at Kennispark for a year now. It was a year with many highlights, including the opening and the welcoming of the very first new employees. ROSEN is looking forward to the future at Kennispark Twente.

Date: 9 July 2020 |