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A long time before the government decided to ban natural gas, Twente care organisation TriviumMeulenbeltZorg (TMZ) had already decided to build a completely gas-free residential care facility. It is located in Tubbergen and is called Meulenhof. By also removing the existing building components that were maintained during the renovation “from the gas”, Meulenhof’s ecological (CO2) footprint has been greatly reduced and prepared for the future.

In short

  • To meet climate targets and regulations, we must reduce our ecological footprint and make less use of fossil fuels
  • Twente company TMZ is building a sustainable and gas-free residential care facility

Global Goal

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Deep underground

The most special part of innovative technical applications at the residential care facility can be found deep underground. “Wanting to use sustainable energy sources, we ended up with a system for storing cold and heat underground”, says Mark Kranenbarg, head of real estate at TMZ. “For this, 36 ground loops were installed at a depth of 75 metres. A high-temperature heat pump and an air-based heat pump are used for controlling the temperature of the water.”


The advanced system is part of the installation concept applied at Meulenhof. It is based on four themes: healthcare safety, comfort, efficiency and futureproofing. The well-insulated outer shell and application of energy-efficient installations contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and keeps energy consumption affordable.


Linthorst Techniek was responsible for the development and implementation of the installation concept. Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo was brought in for the structural part. Work was done according to the Design&Build assignment. The point of focus was a sustainable and flexible design, based on the care concept of TMZ and Hans Architecten. They were able to follow every step of the process through 3D animations.


In Meulenhof, electrical engineering and mechanical application are entirely at the service of safety, comfort, efficiency and are prepared for future developments of the residential care facility. The safety around client care, for example, is guaranteed even better through the use of optical sensors in client rooms, and beacons for the so-called living circles. The fire alarm system, evacuation system, care home automation and fully electronic access control also contribute to the safety of residents.


Comfortable living is partly guaranteed by the low-temperature floor heating and floor cooling. Residents can control the temperature in their home themselves. Hot tap water is available through an all-electric installation, consisting of high-efficiency heat pumps and a ground-coupled heat exchanger. The energy requirements are partly covered through solar panels on the roof.

Exemplary role

The energy flows in Meulenhof are continuously monitored remotely, thanks to the so-called smart building management system. If necessary, this can be adjusted to optimise the maintenance plan. In combination with the advanced installations, this method reduces energy consumption.


“Even though there are more completely gas-free buildings in Twente with applications of innovative technical systems, Meulenhof still serves as an example when it comes to an all-round application. This trend will undoubtedly be continued even further in future construction projects from TMZ”, Mark Kranenbarg concludes.

Date: 29 November 2019 |

Source of tekst: TMZ |

Author: TMZ