Hospital and patients on the move

Exercise often positively impacts the health of sick people. ZGT is, therefore, investigating how the hospital can stimulate patients to exercise during admission. A serious game can motivate patients to make an active contribution to a faster recovery.

In short

  • Exercise positively impacts our health, especially before, during and after a hospitalisation
  • ZGT strives to be a ‘moving hospital’
  • A serious game can easily stimulate movement

Global Goal

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The effects of moving

During hospitalisation, patients spend an average of 60-90% of the day sitting or lying down. Surprisingly, this high percentage does not necessarily have a medical reason. In fact, in practice, it appears that most patients can move much more than currently is the case. Moving during a hospital admission keeps people fit and muscles stronger, in turn positively influencing the independence of others. On top of this, moving reduces the chance of complications and enables the patient to return home sooner.

‘Moving hospital’

Decreased physical activity before, during and after hospitalisation is an important factor of deterioration in physical and cognitive functioning. ZGT aims to change that by developing into a ‘moving hospital’. This means that the hospital will encourage patients to move as much as possible during their hospitalisation, which is in the interest of the patients.

Serious game

One of the innovations with which ZGT wants to motivate patients to contribute to their recovery actively, is the development of a serious game. With this game, the hospital hopes to intrinsically motivate patients to move more. The game can be played alone or with others and before, during as well as after hospitalisation.


ZGT expects the serious game to contribute to the preservation of physical functioning. If those expectations turn out to be true, not only the patients benefit by receiving optimum quality care, as healthcare costs are also lowered. The serious game by ZGT is an example of Value Based Healthcare.

Moving forward

Employees were asked to complete a survey to inventory whether ZGT is ready to become a ‘moving hospital’. The results of the research are shown in this factsheet and will be used to develop the ‘moving hospital’ further. The research is a collaboration between ZGT and the University of Twente, among others. The university has its own “Centre for eHealth & Wellbeing Research” from which innovative technological developments in Twente are set up and supported.

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