ZGT's redesigned Operating Room Complex: more comfort and the latest technology

For many people, surgery is a major event. To make this event as gentle and comfortable as possible, the ZGT in Hengelo has developed a new Operating Room Complex. In the new Operating Room Complex, all necessary facilities are at one location, and new techniques and technologies are used.

In short

  • To make surgery as comfortable as possible, the ZGT in Hengelo has a new Operating Room Complex. 
  • Here, patients get the rest and space to recover well. ZGT ensures that the patients can return home as soon as possible. 
  • ZGT applies new techniques in anaesthesiology in the Operating Room Complex.

Global Goal

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Private rooms for more comfort and privacy

Prior to surgery, patients are usually admitted to a separate nursing ward. From there, they get different preparations before going to the operating room. After the operation, they go to a bedroom where they awake. Then they go back to their nursing ward. But at the renewed Operating Room Complex at ZGT in Hengelo, this is now completely different and much faster. 


Patients in a day-treatment at ZGT in Hengelo will be admitted to the renewed Operating Room Complex. Here they get a private room and do not have to take long rides to the operating room. The process is much faster and in a more homely atmosphere. 


"Within the patient's private room, all preparations of the nurse, anaesthesiologist and the surgeon take place prior to the operation", says project leader Marijn Hoek. The new process makes patients feel more at ease and the waiting time prior to surgery is much shorter. Usually, preparations and waiting take about 2 hours. Now, this takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

The Operating Room Complex is divided into several private rooms, operating rooms and a lounge room where patients can eat and drink in a comfortable chair. 

The private rooms are extra nice for the patients because this way, they get much more privacy.

Less nauseous with new techniques

In the Operating Room Complex, new techniques in anaesthesiology are used. This is a combination of an adaptation of anaesthesia and another method of pain relief, in which fewer morphine-like substances are used. The new technique numbs a smaller area than the traditional epidural, numbing only the intended nerves. The anaesthesiologist can follow the needle through an ultrasound device, which makes it possible to puncture with millimetre precision. 

By applying this technique, patients experience less pain after surgery. They are less nauseous and less drowsy. For many patients, this ensures that they may go home earlier after surgery and an extensive check.


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