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Minivalve from Oldenzaal produces valves for ventilators and face masks


Ventilators, face masks, disinfectants and soap dispensers: they are essential items in the fight against the coronavirus. Ventilators are used for taking care of patients with respiratory problems that end up in intensive care due to the coronavirus. Face masks, on the other hand, are of vital importance to healthcare personnel, who need them to continue working safely. Minivalve from Oldenzaal produces valves that are required for the assembly of ventilators and face masks. The company is, therefore, continuing its production during this crisis.  

In short

  • Ventilators are essential for the treatment of severe coronavirus cases
  • Face masks are indispensable for healthcare workers, who need them to continue working safely
  • Twente company Minivalve produces valves that are essential in ventilators and face masks worldwide

Global Goal

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Some companies are struggling financially due to the corona crisis because their normal activities cannot be continued. Many of these companies from Twente are doing things for society in different ways. You can read more about that here. Employees from some companies can do their work from home. Others are fighting against the coronavirus on the front lines, such as healthcare workers. And lastly, there are companies that do their best to continue their production because their goods are essential. Minivalve from Oldenzaal belongs to the latter category.

Crucial valves

Minivalve from Oldenzaal develops and produces miniature valves that are used in many systems. Minivalve is a young, international company with 125 employees. The company, which is based in Oldenzaal, is proud of its Twente roots and its position in an innovative and technical region like Twente. Minivalve’s valves are used in the medical world, among others. They are used in cardiac catheters and IV’s, but the valves are also in ventilators, face masks and disinfection dispensers: “We make valves that are needed for ventilators, of which there is now a worldwide shortage”, says Dianne from Minivalve. With their expertise, they are even supporting an initiative by doctors who want to convert regular full-face diving masks into protective masks for healthcare personnel.

Simply continuing

“We are doing our best, we cannot stop our production”, says Dianne. “We are taking all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our employees, for example by changing shift times, keeping an appropriate distance, using masks and gloves, disinfecting, and properly washing our hands. We have also cancelled all external meetings. We are trying as best we can to keep the production going. We are succeeding at the moment, and everyone is complying with the measures.” The company sees that the demand from the automotive industry has slightly decreased, but the demand from healthcare continues to grow. Minivalve has noticed that some of their clients in healthcare, specifically the ones fighting the COVID-19 virus, are very busy. Finally, Dianne would, therefore, like to express her respect to all health care heroes who put their health at risk. “People in healthcare are really fighting on the front lines. They come into contact with infected patients daily, while we are working in a protected environment. They have it a bit more difficult than we do.” However, the importance of companies like Minivalve, that continue to put their best foot forward cannot be overestimated. 


Global Goals

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