Biological hygiene solutions also work against COVID-19

‘Wash the skin off your hands’. For months now, this is the advice from Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the COVID-taskforce. Anyone buying regular products risks soar hands because of all the chemicals in lotions and soap. HYGENIQ from Enschede offers an alternative: a 100 per cent plant-based hygienic fog, and a hand lotion, effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

In short

  • For months now, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the COVID-taskforce urge us to wash our hands regularly.
  • Washing your hands more often can damage your hands. The chemicals in hand gels and soap can hurt the skin.
  • HYGENIQ developed a 100% plant-based hand lotion and hygiene fog, effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Global Goal

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The company has been producing natural hygiene products for a long time, previously primarily used in the hospitality, healthcare and professional cleaning sectors. In recent months HYGENIQ has been working on a hand lotion, a 'hygiene fog' and a 'fogging mist', which both consist of innovative raw material.

The lotion, hygiene fog and fogging mist (to disinfect large spaces) contain components of Citrus plants. Through an innovative process, natural repellents are extracted from peels, kernels and other parts of the plants which are not suitable for human consumption. Most hand gels contain alcohol. These products do not. “They are, therefore, safe for people and environment”, says HYGENIQ’ marketing manager Joyce Roelofsen. “Our products kill 99.99 per cent of fungi, bacteria and viruses, including influenza, the MRSA bacteria and salmonella.”



Covid-19 is on everyone's mind, and our products also prove effective against this virus. “We recently tested this in various laboratories in the UK.” The biological substance is active on the cell wall of the viruses and bacteria. It damages the membranes and, under the influence of oxygen or UV radiation, these membranes destroy themselves, while good bacteria remain untouched. Also, the lotion, hygienic fog and fogging mist contain nourishing, natural ingredients such as vitamin C that contribute to skin improvement. “It is safe to use on wounds, psoriasis, eczema or cold sores and it results in skin improvement,” says Roelofsen.



The fog can disinfect large areas, such as stadiums, office buildings and stations. It can also be used in public transport and on aeroplanes. With a container similar to a backpack, employees can disinfect a room without gloves or a protective suit. “Due to the use of natural ingredients, you do not need protective clothing. The products break down naturally within a few hours. Therefore, we can use the term ecological”, explains Roelofsen. “If you use chemicals, you cannot enter a room for several hours. That's a thing of the past with our fog.”



These natural raw materials now used for the new product line were already used by the company in cleaning products for the business market. “The founder of HYGENIQ always owned a cleaning company, and the chemicals used in the sector that can cause illness or allergy to employees always disturbed him. During a business trip to America, he discovered a technology that uses Citrus plants. He bought it and developed it further in Enschede.” 



Because HYGENIQ wants to produce as sustainably as possible, a degradable packaging is also a must. Because the ingredients of the cleaning products are natural, their colour changes (for example, similar to the leaves of plants in seasons). This can affect the equally natural packaging materials, which led to a search for the right composition. With this new composition, the production of the hand gel, the hygienic fog and the foggy mist can start in addition to the current product line of the company.


Date: 5 November 2020 |