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International trade promotion

Helping with the development of business activities worldwide. That is how World Trade Center Twente (WTC Twente), based in entrepreneurial Hengelo in Twente, supports numerous companies and independent entrepreneurs in the Euregion. WTC Twente and the other World Trade Centres in the Netherlands are part of a global network for international trade promotion. Expat Center Twente facilitates companies working with knowledge migrants as well as individual expats as part of this.

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Industrieplein 2
7553 LL Hengelo
+31 (0)74 291 56 04

WTC Twente supports companies in Twente, in the rest of the east of the Netherlands and the German border region in the Euregio with trade information, training courses, coaching, meetings and events. Reliable trade information allows these entrepreneurs to explore new international markets and find reliable trading partners.

Global Network

Based on country analyses and market research, detailed information on local markets can be accessed through WTCs global network. The trade potential of any involved company can be mapped out within a short period of time. They also offer support for starting up abroad. WTC Twente stimulates the economy in Twente and the rest of the east of the Netherlands in this way. This is all in line with business relations in the German regions of Münster and Osnabrück Land. Potential partners get to personally know each other during incoming or outgoing economic missions, during matchmaking. 

Vibrant location

WTC Twente is a vibrant business centre where internationally-oriented entrepreneurs, government organisations, service providers and other professionals come together. High-quality office spaces, flexible workplaces, meeting rooms, parking facilities and numerous additional services create a pleasant atmosphere for sharing knowledge and doing business.

Expat Center Twente

Expat Center Twente takes care of individual expats as well as companies that work with knowledge migrants. Expats and HR staff can contact the Expat Center for information and customer-oriented support for everything that comes with an international relocation, such as formalities, housing, education, healthcare, insurance aspects and social and cultural affairs. Expat Center Twente can be found every week at the municipal office in Enschede, Twente, at the combined counter. This is where they assist expats together with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), the government agency that implements the Dutch immigration policy. It handles applications from foreigners and assesses whether these expats can obtain a residence permit. The Expat Center regularly organises information meetings and events for expats and internationally operating companies. One of these events is the monthly Expat Meet & Greet.

Network partners

WTC Twente works on a sustainable future with other network organisations such as International School Twente, The University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede and ROC van Twente in Almelo, Hengelo and Enschede.