The construction industry and the agricultural sector have always been very prominent in Tubbergen. Businesses are mainly located on industrial estates near Tubbergen, Albergen and Geesteren. The social commitment of entrepreneurs is high. This contributes to a sustainable community.

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Social entrepreneurship

Companies in entrepreneurial Tubbergen contribute to social activities, which is still quite an understatement. The entrepreneurs are an indispensable force for employment and everything that makes entrepreneurial Tubbergen attractive and dynamic. Many of them are sponsors for associations, activities and events. They give meaning to social entrepreneurship in many different ways.

Sustainable society

More and more entrepreneurs are committed to finding work for people with disabilities, refugees with a residence permit, the unemployed and the elderly. A group of entrepreneurs has also come up with a plan to offer a short yearly holiday in Tubbergen to people who cannot afford holidays. The widely shared social commitment bears fruit in entrepreneurial Tubbergen; it is a pleasant and sustainable society.

State of business and sustainability

An up-to-date view of Tubbergen with background information on business activity and sustainability can be found on the dashboard of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten, VNG):


Municipality of Tubbergen

Tubbergen consists of 9 villages. Tubbergen, Geesteren and Albergen are the three largest, and the others are Fleringen, Harbrinkhoek, Langeveen, Manderveen, Mariaparochie (partly), Reutum and Vasse. They have over 21.000 inhabitants.


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Spacious and picturesque

If you approach the municipality of Tubbergen, you will soon be surrounded by a beautiful rolling landscape. The Twente hedgerow landscape shows off its most spacious and picturesque side with ash trees surrounding the built-up area. Tourists can find beautiful routes for cycling and walking in the municipality of Tubbergen. These routes lead through beautiful nature reserves with extraordinary flora and fauna, but they also lead to numerous places of interest, such as windmills and prehistoric burial mounds.


Dynamic and socially innovative

Residents are very involved, both amongst themselves and with what is going on in the municipality of Tubbergen. Many initiatives are being set up in which residents, businesses and the government join forces. One of these initiatives is the Essenkracht foundation, which bundles all initiatives regarding sustainable building, energy-saving, and waste processing.


Promoting biodiversity

The inhabitants of Vasse have taken on the management of the road verges to promote biodiversity. They pay a lot of attention to the quality of life in small villages, which struggle with an ageing population and declining facilities. Fortunately, the traditional Twente ‘noaberschap’ (neighbourliness) is still very much alive in Tubbergen. People help each other.


Tourism and recreation

Tourism and recreation have become increasingly important pillars of Tubbergen’s economy over the past decades. Glasrijk Tubbergen, an annual internationally organised event, adds even more value to this.


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