The Fris Foundation

Connecting the creative industry

Helping the creative industry in the eastern part of the Netherlands grow. That is the objective of the Fris Foundation, from entrepreneurial Enschede in Twente. Numerous activities are organised to connect creative entrepreneurs with research and educational institutes, governments and various market parties in and outside the east of the Netherlands.

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Services of the FRIS Foundation are focussed on the creative technology, media and design sectors. The IT sector is a connecting force in the growing network of designers and creative technologists. They can achieve more growth by connecting the creative industry to other sectors, which makes results and cross-links more visible to stakeholders and thus creates concrete opportunities for innovative entrepreneurship, talent development and an optimal working environment.

Creating opportunities

(Inter)national meetings from the FRIS Foundations help companies in the creative industry connect; to each other and other sectors and industries. This is done in close cooperation with other entrepreneurs’ organisations and interest groups, such as the manufacturing industry in Twente and the food industry in the East of the Netherlands. The foundation also wants to make the creative sector more visible in numerous ways. Their ultimate goal is to create opportunities for a sustainable future for the creative sector both in and outside Twente.

Working together

An editorial team of students from ROC Van Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences provides various means and channels of communication for various target groups for the FRIS Foundation. Students gain practical experience because of this. It also gives them a better impression of the creative sector’s dynamics. Above all, it connects and retains creative talents for vacancies in the creative sector.

Seizing opportunities

The foundation identifies opportunities regarding cooperation, projects, subsidies and talent development to seize more opportunities. It also maps out creative spaces, so that creative business know which locations are suitable for starting, where growth opportunities can be found and where the infrastructure is best for their business. Certain locations in and outside Twente are very suitable for creative companies, such as Kennispark Twente, Spinnerij Oosterveld and The CEE Spot in Enschede and Hightech Systems Park and Hazenmeijer in Hengelo. Almelo also has several places for creatives.

Network Partners

The FRIS Foundation works on a sustainable future with other network partners such as Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede and ROC van Twente in Almelo, Hengelo and Enschede.