Stichting Industriƫle Kring Twente

A dynamic network of Twente companies

Network organisation Industriële Kring Twente (Industrial Circle Twente, IKT) from Hengelo in entrepreneurial Twente is active in both the manufacturing industry and the supplying services. IKT wants to be the spider in Twente’s economic web. The strength of this network organisation lies in connecting entrepreneurs to each other and governments, knowledge institutions and other business networks.

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Campus Business Center
Jan Tinbergenstraat 270
7559 ST Hengelo
+31 (0)53 484 99 80

IKT is closely involved in many initiatives that can strengthen the economic position of Twente, such as Twente Board,, Kennispark Twente and Actieprogramma Versterking Industriepotentieel Twente (action programme for strengthening Twente’s industrial potential, VIT). IKT also maintains contact with various authorities and knowledge institutions, the Eastern Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, VNO-NCW Twente and MKB Twente.

Connecting for results

Connecting is essential, but ultimately it’s about results. They have to offer something concrete to entrepreneurial Twente. That is how IKT wants to be beneficial to approximately 1,000 participating companies. The central question in the instructive, inspiring and innovative meeting that this network organisation organises is always: ‘How can we make the best possible contribution to the business success of the participants?’ IKT also holds structural consultations with local authorities, and they identify trends and economic developments. They also organise overarching events. Above all, IKT facilitates a digital platform where supply and demand from the participants regarding knowledge, people and resources is brought together.

Local network meetings

IKT circles organise various local network meetings ranging from company visits and lunch lectures to informal activities. The boards of these circles meet with municipal executives several times a year in their respective towns. The six circles that participate within IKT are IKT-Almelo and surrounding area, IKT-Enschede, IKT-Haaksbergen, IKT-Hengelo-Borne, IKT-Oldenzaal and surrounding area and IKT-West Twente. The IKT Café is organised every month, and it is dedicated to current events. A guest speaker that is currently in the media spotlight is invited for this. Twice a year, the IKT Lecture offers inspiration from great speakers that share their vision on entrepreneurship. Four times a year, the IKT College gives participants the opportunity to teach fellow IKT members about profession-related topics.