Kwaliteitskring Twente

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p/a Robertinkkamp 32
7524 BP Enschede
+31 (0)6 50 85 03 60

Kwaliteitskring Twente wants to bring new management tools and professionals together for more ‘business excellence’ by broadly promoting the knowledge and application of quality. The network organisation offers a substantive network of quality professionals. They are a platform for the sharing and enrichment of knowledge and skills regarding quality. Simultaneously, the platform functions as a sounding board for quality issues and as a service provider for quality training courses. 


Kwaliteitskring Twente organises numerous activities every year. Think of company visits with thematic presentations, lectures and workshops, masterclasses, roundtable discussions and a lecture tour. Kwaliteitskring Twente publishes numerous articles on subjects regarding quality and improvement projects in and outside Twente in the ‘De KwaliteitsKrul’ magazine.

Educating and training quality

Kwaliteitskring Twente, directly and indirectly, ensures better business results in Twente through numerous studies, courses and training. They expertly guide changes, which enables (manufacturing) companies to achieve more qualitative progress faster. This is done through educating executives or through training and courses for workers and managers in the industry and service sectors. Kwaliteitskring Twente offers a standard training programme, but flexible and customised ones are also available. The training needs and business situation are always central. There are training courses on various subjects: internal auditing, quality knowledge, quality management, quality awareness and custom-made training courses.

Network partners

Kwaliteitskring Twente (KKT) works on a sustainable future together with other network organisations such as Technologie Kring Twente (Technology Circle Twente, TKT) in Enschede and STODT Toekomsttechniek (STODT future technology, STODT) in Hengelo.