KIVI Students Twente

Technological solutions for society’s issues

A different view on the world of engineers. That is what professional organisation KIVI Students Twente (KIVI) from entrepreneurial Enschede in Twente offers technical students and recent graduates. Current and future KIVI engineers dedicate themselves to improving society’s quality of life on a daily basis by using indispensable technical knowledge and high-quality solutions for many of society’s issues.

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Postbus 217
7500 AE Enschede
+31 (0)53 489 40 97

KIVI Students Twente organises numerous lectures, workshops and other activities, including the frequent ‘Twente Science Quiz’, as part of the ‘Night of Science’. Both technical students and working engineers are welcome at KIVI Students Twente’s numerous events. Due to the informal atmosphere, a wide range of technologies and techniques form accessible discussion topics. Society’s issues are central to this, for a sustainable, technology-based future.

Trade association

Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs (Royal Institute of Engineers, KIVI) is the trade association for engineers in the Netherlands. It offers numerous communities for the sharing of discipline-specific knowledge and expertise to its members. Students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied sciences in Enschede and students from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle can contact KIVI Students Twente. Recently graduated engineers are also welcome. Young Engineers up to 35 years old can find extra support with Young KIVI Engineers.

Professional platform

KIVI is divided into departments that are closely related to the study programmes of future engineers. Each department forms a platform around the themes in a specific profession. Students are assisted in their first steps on their career path through cooperation and the exchange of knowledge. Central to this is the contact with professional engineers from the business community and the experienced engineers that do research.

Network partners

KIVI Students Twente (KIVI) works on a sustainable future together with other network organisations, for example, with knowledge institutions such as the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle.