International School Twente

Educating community-minded global citizens


International global citizens for a changing world. That is the mission of International School Twente, from entrepreneurial Enschede in Twente. Children and teenagers from various international backgrounds are taught to love learning by highly qualified international teachers. Learning skills and developing your character is central to this international school.

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Tiemeister 20
053 - 2068 035
Two locations

International School Twente offers internationally recognised learning programmes for both primary and secondary education at two locations. Students are encouraged to discover their capabilities to increase their international understanding, learn skills and develop their character.

Progressive and innovative

The children's personal development in primary and secondary education is central to all school decisions at International School Twente. International School Twente offers all students an inspiring learning experience in a safe and encouraging learning environment to this end, built on a community spirit and global citizenship. This international school can create opportunities for further learning and life within and outside of Twente by being progressive and innovative.

Qualified education

This international school responds to the needs of the international community in Twente and beyond as a member of the united Dutch International Schools (DIS). The international school in Twente is one of the schools for primary education that has been globally accredited by the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The University of Cambridge and IBO have approved international School Twente’s secondary education. The teachers are highly qualified, and they are, like the students, from many different countries from all over the world.

International learning environment

Children and teenagers at International School Twente are educated in an international learning environment, in small classes with lots of individual attention. This shapes them into capable, multicultural and outward-looking individuals who are willing to lead and positively impact the changing world around them in the future. Students at this international school achieve a high level of fluency in English. Dutch lessons are also offered for optimal integration into local communities.

Network partners

International School Twente works on creating a sustainable future together with other network organisations such as Expat Centre Twente from Hengelo and World Trade Centre Twente in Hengelo.