Hof van Twente

Hof van Twente’s business community incorporates a wide variety of activities. There are many companies. The agricultural, construction and retail sectors, as well as IT, the leisure economy and recreation, are strongly represented.

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Gemeente Hof van Twente
de Höfte 7
7471 DK Goor
+31 (0)547 85 85 85 info@hofvantwente.nl www.hofvantwente.nl
Business opportunities near the motorway and canal

Business opportunities can mostly be found at business park Zelkerdamshoek, near Goor. This landscaped park is easily accessible and offers space to small-scale businesses, multinationals and everything in between. The A1 motorway is just a few minutes away by car. There are also various locations along the Twente Canal for businesses that want to use the water connections. New ones are also being developed.

Combined entrepreneurial power

Entrepreneurs’ Associations from different areas in entrepreneurial Hof van Twente have joined forces in the Hof van Twente Entrepreneurs’ platform. This platform plays an active role in the development of economic policies. It also initiates cooperation and the exchange of expertise, intending to create a stronger profile for entrepreneurial Hof van Twente regarding hospitality and technological skills. The ambition to be completely energy-neutral by 2035 will give new impulses to economic activities and employment. 

State of business and sustainability

An up-to-date view of Hof van Twente with background information on business activity and sustainability can be found on the dashboard of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten, VNG):


Municipality of Hof van Twente

Hof van Twente consists of the towns of Delden, Diepenheim and Goor, as well as Ambt Delden, Bentelo, Hengevelde and Markelo. Hof van Twente has approximately 35,000 inhabitants.


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Timeless rurality and contemporary ambitions

Historic and modern. Rustic and dynamic. Rural and urban. The municipality of Hof van Twente, also known as ‘de parel van Twente’ (Twente’s pearl), combines very diverse characteristics and, therefore, has its own unique identity. For example, you can find imposing castles and country estates here, as well as numerous places of historical interest and heritage. You can also enjoy high-quality and diverse modern art. The historical town of Delden and the artistic city of Diepenheim have museums, galleries and cultural events that attract national attention and allow you to experience the culture of those eras.



The municipality of Hof van Twente has no shortage of ambitions. They work hard on topics such as housing, traffic and sustainability. They are making the water drainage, waste collection and soil management more sustainable and improving traffic flows around the various towns. The most striking ambition: Hof van Twente wants to be completely energy-neutral by 2035, even though the national target is 2050. A ‘roadmap’ shows how this ambition will be realised: by stimulating and supporting initiatives from citizens, helping businesses with ways to save energy and by creating large-scale facilities for the production of sustainable energy on a municipal level together with partners.


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Hof van Twente with Delden, Diepenheim and Goor for tourist