Hellendoorn possesses all the tools to fulfil a prominent role in the growth of Twente as the centre of innovation and high-tech. Hellendoorn and Nijverdal provide the right growing conditions for high-tech enterprises in sectors such as construction, metal, chemistry, plastic, automotive and IT services. Located companies build their reputation with unique craftmanship and the power to innovate – often across borders.

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Gemeente Hellendoorn
Willem-Alexanderstraat 7
7442 MA, Nijverdal
+31 (0)548 630 000 gemeentebestuur@hellendoorn.nl www.hellendoorn.nl
The best of both worlds

In economic policy for entrepreneurial Hellendoorn and Nijverdal, tech and tourism are the focal points. In the knowledge and service economy, square meters are of less importance to many companies. The municipality anticipated this by the revitalisation of existing business parks and the conversion of, for example, agricultural locations into multi-tenant buildings.

Involved entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are also closely involved in creating the policy. The interaction is fruitful, inspiring and even a good presentation of the social cohesion and involvement, characterising the people who live in the Hellendoorn and Nijverdal communities. More than three fourth of the population lives in Nijverdal. Most of the business activities are consequently happening there, although Hellendoorn is also adding its fair contribution with the ice factory of the world-famous Ben & Jerry’s and the popular Adventure Park Hellendoorn.

State of business activity and sustainability

An up-to-date picture with background information about activity and sustainability in Hellendoorn and Nijverdal can be found on the dashboard of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG):

Municipality Hellendoorn

The Municipality of Hellendoorn includes the town of Nijverdal and the villages Daarle, Daarleveen, Haarle and Hellendoorn. The population comprises approximately 36,000 people from Twente.


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Life and history in Hellendoorn

The history and future of the city of Nijverdal are closely connected to the textile industry, like in other places in the Twente region. The downfall of textile in the second half of last century stroke hard, but the municipality of Nijverdal recovered from this a long time ago. A particular example of this recovery are the independent enterprise divisions of Royal TenCate. The former textile concern knew how to act on time and became one of the world’s pioneering material technology companies.


The best of both worlds

The municipality of Hellendoorn offers the best of both worlds: a wealth of natural beauty and a wide range of high-tech business activities. With the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park, the Reggedal, peatlands, heathland and a charming agricultural landscape, Hellendoorn has a beautiful and, in many ways, unique environment for living and recreation.


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