VDL Enabling Technologies Group

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Bornsestraat 345
Postbus 176
+31 546 54 00 00 info.almelo@vdletg.com www.vdletg.com
Constantly pushing technical boundaries

VDL Enabling Technologies Group continuously pushes the boundaries of what is technically feasible. The company’s expertise covers a broad spectrum. From parts the size of a pinhead to those the size of a house, and the mechanisation of production to the integration of mechatronic systems. VDL Enabling Technologies Group has the people, the knowledge and the state-of-the-art facilities. This allows the company to deliver the best possible performance for customers. The company also feels very committed to them.

Strength through collaboration

VDL Enabling Technologies Group in Almelo is part of the VDL Group, a group of companies with nearly one hundred companies spread over more than twenty countries with more than 16,000 employees. The manufacturing industry has always been the most important playing field. The company believes in the future of the Western European sector. In fact: Western Europe has a future because of the manufacturing industry, and VDL contributes to this. The company carries out a great deal of R&D, and they are constantly engaged in the development of even better technologies, machines and products.

These technologies, machines and products have applications in all kinds of industrial sectors, including the automotive industry, the scientific and medical sector. VDL intensively collaborates with other companies and knowledge institutions for this purpose. VDL strongly believes in collaboration. The company and its customers can offer high-quality solutions that make the world more sustainable and life more enjoyable by combining knowledge and visions.