Twente makes indispensable contribution to worldwide photonics

With investments from the (provincial) government, educational institutes and businesses (triple helix), Twente is advancing rapidly in the strengthening of its unique position and expanding employment opportunities related to photonics. In doing so, it has collaborated with the present knowledge institutions and high-tech companies from the region, but also with many national partners. These partnerships make sure that the Netherlands remains in the lead when it comes to the development, production and application of integrated photonics.

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Proud of the photonics present in Twente

In Twente we cherish photonics. With groundbreaking research at institutes such as Mesa+ and market leaders such as Lionix International and DEMCON Focal, Twente has unique knowledge and expertise to its disposal. And new talents are continuously added to it. Thanks to the photonics degrees at the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, young photonics-specialists give a boost to new developments. In addition, organisations, such as Oost NV and Novel-T, that stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation in the region also play a crucial role in the growth of the number of successful photonics companies. For example, through funding a feasibility study into photonic solutions from the European program ROCKET. The solutions developed by entrepreneurs from Twente, improve our health care and safety: thinks of the premature discovery of diseases, precisions inspection of medical equipment and, for example, needleless injecting. And new applications are continuously added.

Groundbreaking research into photonics

Optica- and photonics research in our region takes place at the Mesa+ Nanolab, the Fraunhofer Project Centre and the Max Planck Centre. With the research facilities of the Mesa+ Nanolab and the High Tech Factory, more than one hundred researchers work on photonics. They look at applications, such as lab-on-a-chip diagnostics, 5G-datacommunication, nanophotonic energy transfer and nano-production technology. The research institutes work closely together with companies from the region: from design to production.

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Date: 7 June 2017 |

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