Twente company Dutch-Shape receives SQIP Airbus award

Made in Twente! Dutch-Shape from Borne achieves worldwide success. Dutch-Shape designs and produces moulds for the aircraft industry. These moulds are used to produce complex composite parts for wings, tailpieces and motor housings. The company recently received the “SQIP” (Supply chain and Quality Improvement Program) award from Airbus, with which they were chosen as the preferred supplier of Airbus.

In short

  • Twente company Dutch-Shape makes moulds for aeroplane parts with great accuracy
  • This high accuracy and great quality had been rewarded with the SQIP Award from Airbus
  • Dutch-Shape is, therefore, the preferred supplier of Airbus

Global Goal

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Large parts, great accuracy

Dutch-Shape supplies moulds for well-known aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed Martin. Parts of aeroplanes are made with these moulds, such as wings and tailpieces. What makes the work of Dutch-Shape so special is that they make substantial parts that also need to be very accurate. This accuracy is crucial in the aircraft industry, and dimensions are therefore rigorously checked after production. This is how Dutch-Shape manages to make parts for planes as big as 18 meters long accurate to the 100th millimetre. The company is also constantly working on improvements for sustainability; the lighter the parts, the less fuel the aeroplane uses. 

Worldwide success

There are only about twenty companies worldwide that do what this Twente company does, and they are at the top. The fact that Dutch-Shape makes reliable and good products did not go unnoticed at aircraft manufacturer Airbus, and due to the good quality of the moulds they were chosen by Airbus as “Best Performer”. For this, they received the SQIP (Supply chain and Quality Improvement Program) award. Dutch-Shape has been selected from the 15,000 suppliers Airbus has. A few weeks ago, managing director Guus Engelen and sales director Rob Snijders were at Airbus in Toulouse, to collect the great prize.

Date: 4 November 2019 |

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