Terrasjeboeken.nl facilitates catering visits in the Netherlands

Doop, a company from Enschede, developed terrasjeboeken.nl. Terrasjeboeken.nl is a platform on which a customer can book a table at a catering establishment while taking the measures regarding the coronavirus into account. The platform already had Heineken’s support, but other major brands such as Coca-Cola, AB Inbev, A Brand New Day, Bavaria and Grolsch now also recommend using the platform for safe, responsible and controlled catering visits. “We focus on what happens before you get to the terrace, instead of what happens while you’re there”, says Marcel Roorda, director of Doop. “How do you make sure that people can visit a terrace, safely and controlled, while also knowing for certain that a spot is available? That is something our platform can offer.”

In short

  • Catering establishments can reopen, but they do have to take the measures regarding the coronavirus into account
  • Terrasjeboeken.nl, made by Doop from Twente, facilitates catering visits
  • Customers can book a table on the terrace beforehand

Global Goal

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Booking a table now possible

Doop came up with the idea in collaboration with Twente’s catering entrepreneurs. “It is a nice initiative from Twente”, says Marcel Roorda. “Entrepreneurs will never have discussions about whether there is enough room or not, with this.” Terrace owners were able to register their available tables and capacity on the platform in May. Terrace visitors can use this platform since June first, for booking a table at their favourite catering facilities.

How does it work?

Terrace visitors can register at terrasjeboeken.nl, which allows them to search for their favourite terraces. They can see which terraces are available in their city or village and if a table (outside or inside) is available. They choose when they want to be there from a list of timeslots, and with how many people they are. The catering establishments decide what those timeslots are precisely. They pay €1 for the booking and receive a QR code as an admission ticket, which is checked at arrival. The visitor is thus assured of a table. 

Secure bookings

Terrace owners offer their visitors a booking system for safe, responsible, and controlled catering visits by using terrasjeboeken.nl. The system makes sure people do not have to walk around unnecessarily in search of a table, and therefore prevents accumulation of people. Terrace owners can register on the platform for free, indicate how many tables they have both outside and inside, when guests are welcome, and how long they can stay. These reservations provide insight into how many guests can be expected and the duration of their stay. Restaurant owners will know exactly how much staff is needed and will, therefore, never be overstaffed. It also provides insight into how many goods will need to be purchased. Participation for terrace owners is free, and they receive €0,50 for every QR code scanned as extra financial support. 

Broad support

There are many initiatives, often local ones. However, because of the support of major brands such as Heineken, Grolsch and Coca-Cola, the national interest among terrace owners to participate in this particular initiative is growing rapidly. The developers expect that, thanks to the support of these big brands, terrasjeboeken.nl will become the national platform for the safe and controlled bookings of catering visits, following the guidelines set by the government. 

Date: 8 June 2020 |

Source of tekst: Doop |