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Operating a machine from your chair, without the need to wear an overall and whenever you want to. With the new application by Serious VR, technical employees do not need to enter a factory any longer to learn new skills. Because educating employees occupying technical jobs or handling difficult equipment is both labour-intensive and costly. Virtual reality makes it possible to simulate nearly every environment or situation.

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Training craftsmen

Research shows that 63% of companies that apply VR, do so for training and simulation purposes. Virtual reality and also augmented reality applied as Smart Industry is an upcoming market and makes production processes more efficient, cheaper, more flexible and of better quality. The in 2015 founded company Serious VR from Enschede develops virtual reality trainings in order to train craftsmen in an industrial environment in a simpler and more efficient way.

Efficient and fun learning

The company has several launching customers, such as Apollo Vredestein  and Thales. Co-founder Marjo Nieuwenhuijse from Serious VR explains: “Tyre manufacturer Apollo Vredestein is our launching customer. We have developed a customized VR training that allows employees to take part in a training to learn how to operate machines, not in the factory but in an office space. Before, two machines had to be shut down for the training and now we can keep them operational. Moreover, the training can now also be extended to factories worldwide, allowing each employee to be trained in the same way. Another advantage is that production methods like Lean Six Sigma from the VR training can be processed and gamification elements (elements from game-play) can be easily applied allowing us to encourage employees to take up the training more often.”

A lot of interest in Serious VR

Beginning of March 2017, the start-up attended the Virtual Revolution Tradeshow in Veldhoven, a large trade fair concentrating on virtual and augmented reality technologies. That’s where Nieuwenhuijse noticed the amount of interest from the market. “The trade fair was bustling and a lot of visitors were positive about our product and interested in it.” At the end of April, Serious VR also attended the Hannover Messe where they impressed Prince Constantijn (StartupDelta), State Secretary Dekker of Education and Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs. Prince Constantijn: “It’s great that you can move and initiate actions in the space itself and are not just a spectator. This is better than the other application that I have seen!”

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Date: 19 May 2017 |

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