A construction company with its own podcast? “A great platform for talking about our expertise”

It is quite unusual for a construction company to have a podcast. Yet, two years ago, Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed decided to start its own series. Since then, the family business from Rijssen has completed two seasons, and there is a good chance that a third season will follow.

The podcast was a leap of faith for Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed. The company was already writing blogs on their website, but recording a talk show is different. Moreover, Ter Steege had no podcasts to get inspiration from; this is a first in the construction industry. Nevertheless, they decided to go for it. “As a construction company, innovation is always in our thoughts”, says Rosalie ten Hove (Marketing & Communications) from Ter Steege Holding. “This is evident from our projects. For example, in a project in Almelo at Indiëterrein, we installed one of the first neighbourhood batteries in the Netherlands. We do great things and are always looking for innovation. Starting a podcast fits in with that mindset. It is a great platform to discuss our expertise as a development and construction company.” Rosalie initiated the podcast together with colleagues from Expertise Marketing (several Ter Steege employees working together on marketing activities). She enlisted the help of Anne Bolster for the content. Anne Bolster is an area developer at Ter Steege Area Development. “I listen to a lot of podcasts in my spare time, so my colleagues thought I would be perfect for this”, says Anne with a laugh. “Setting up the podcast turned out to be quite tricky at first. A colleague and I made a LinkedIn request before the first season to ask who would be interested in helping us. We got several responses from agencies. It is important to have the right people in a podcast. The guests have to interact and feel safe to develop nice conservation. A good host is also essential; someone who asks the right questions.”

Fixed concept

The podcast uses a fixed concept with a host, an expert from Ter Steege, and a guest. Rosalie: “The guests were often our cooperation partners in the first season”. We brought other experts to the table in the second season, such as Peter Boelhouwer and Gert-Jan Hospers. This allowed us to talk more detailedly, which suits us.” Anne adds: “As Ter Steege, we are very hands-on. The experts we invite often know more about the theory. So this podcast bridges the gap between theory and practice.”

The podcast also talks about current topics. “NPO (Dutch Foundation for Public Broadcasting) recently broadcasted a series called ‘Van krot tot Vinex (from slum to Vinex)”, explains Anne. “The finale of that series talked about the identity of Vinex neighbourhoods and whether the people have good lives there. We talked about that exact topic shortly before. The social issues surrounding the construction of houses and the Environment Act are also discussed. That makes the podcast very topical.”

Sharing knowledge

The podcast was initially intended for Ter Steege’s corporate clients. The company receives positive responses. “But our own colleagues also enjoy listening to the podcast”, says Anne. “Someone in renovation does not always know what is happening regarding area development, or vice versa. Everyone within the company learns more about Ter Steege by listening to the podcast.” “We want to encourage knowledge sharing within the company”, adds Rosalie. “Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed comprises nine operating companies. Cool things happen at all nine; we can learn from each other by sharing this knowledge. This was not the podcast’s aim, but it is a very nice bonus.”
The podcast series now has nine episodes, spread over two seasons. The best-listened-to episode is still the very first one. “We received many positive responses to that episode”, says Rosalie. “Our general manager, Hans ter Steege, was part of that episode. It introduces the Ter Steege family business and Hans ter Steege himself. But the episodes in the second season are also well-received. We have improved the quality compared to the first season and are receiving many enthusiastic responses because of that.”


Season 3?

With two seasons already finished, the question arises whether there are plans for a third season. The answer? Yes. “It is part of our marketing plans for this year”, reveals Rosalie. “But we cannot say anything about the content yet.” So loyal listeners will have to be patient for a bit longer.

Date: 30 March 2023 |

Source of tekst: Ter Steege Bouw |

Author: Willem Korenromp