Dairy farmers start biohub in Twente

Seven dairy farmers in Noord Deurningen will start producing biogas by fermenting manure on their farms. The farmers Together these farmers form Energie Coöperatie IJskoud (Energy Cooperation Icecold). The biogas is transported via a ten-kilometre biogas network to an industrial site in Denekamp where it supplies various companies with sustainable energy.

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In short

  • Various companies in Denekamp are provided with sustainable energy
  • Biogas is produced by fermenting fresh cow manure

Global Goal

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The seven dairy farmers will build fermentation installations at their farms, able to convert fresh cow manure into biogas. This biogas is sold via IJskoud to the customers. The customers directly use this gas to produce heat. This method is more efficient to produce electricity compared to cogenerating (generating heat and electricity simultaneously). Additionally, farmers can save considerable amounts of fertilisers as the fermented manure (digestate) contains more nitrogen.

Second hub

CCS Energieadvies calculated that the biogas network in Noord Deurningen would produce a maximum of 1,6 million cubic meters of biogas per year. IJskoud wants to set up a second biogas hub so that ultimately around 20 dairy farmers produce and transport biogas.


Feasibility studies were commissioned by the Sustainable North Deurningen Foundation (Stichting Duurzaam Noord Deurningen). After approval of the applicable subsidies, IJskoud was established in May 2015. The project has been made possible in part by support from the province of Overijssel and the national government.

Date: 1 August 2017 |

Source of tekst: Groen Gras |

Author: Twente.com