Green Team Twente unveils new hydrogen car

Green Team Twente unveiled their new hydrogen car H2∞ (‘H2INFINITY’) on Wednesday April 26th. With this car, the team aims to reach the stage during the Shell Eco Marathon, the largest European sustainability race in London. The student team from Twente aims to drive 1 on 1000 and thereby at least equate their third position of last year’s race. 

It is the second time the Shell Eco Marathontakes place in London. Because of the many hills in the track around the famous Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, this track offers unique challenges for the competitors.

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In short

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99.1% efficiency

Green Team Twente is leading in the rapid development of the hydrogen car. For example, a large number of car manufacturers have already started in the large-scale produce of cars running on hydrogen. The current team has adjusted the gear box, making sure that an optimal efficiency of 99.1% can be reached. It allows the team to drive from Enschede to Geneva on just one liter of energy (energy equivalent of petrol).


This year, the team also innovated with a special clutch. Team leader Vitto Bonnemayers: “It allows the driver to disengage the wheels from the engine of tactical moments. That way you eliminate the resistance of the entire drive line, which makes a significant difference in the overall efficiency of the car. With a simple push on the button, the driver can operate this system.”

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New in the H2∞ is also the steering wheel, inspired by the Formula 1 cars. The operation of all functions inside the car, from acceleration to the lights, are integrated in the steering wheel. The car’s rear suspension was already improved last year with an upgrade to a so-called double wishbonesystem. carbon fiber tubes that make it possible for the wheels of the car to recoil independently. A similar system is also used in Formula 1.


Finally, the team has also built a system that enables them to read, in real-time, the data of parts of the car, the CAN OtA: CAN-bus Over the Air. Vitto Bonnemayers: “Based on those data, we are able to adjust our driving strategy during the race itself to be able to drive even more efficiently. In addition, we can also adjust the settings of the car from outside, when the conditions during the race change. It is a big advantage.”

About Green Team Twente

Green Team Twente 2017 consists of 19 students from a range of different disciplines. A large part of them studies Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente, but the team also has students of Industrial Design, Advanced Technology, Technical Computer Science, Technical Physics and Technical Business Administration. Within several courses it is possible to enrol in the minor ‘Green Team Twente’.

Date: 27 April 2017 |

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