ETC Netherlands works on CO2-free future with nuclear energy

In Europe, we work hard together on an energy transition and thus a better world. Too much emission of the greenhouse gas CO2 in the atmosphere causes heat retention. This greenhouse effect is warming the earth. That is why it is essential to work together towards a CO2-free future. ETC Netherlands supplies its customers with ultra-gas centrifuges; the most efficient technology for producing enriched uranium as fuel for nuclear energy production.

In short

  • Because of the high CO2 emissions and resulting greenhouse effect, the earth warms up. 
  • A CO2-free future is important for all of us. 
  • ETC provides its customers with safe, competitive and sustainable enrichment technology for a CO2-free future

Global Goal

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Nuclear energy

In Europe, 50% of all CO2-free energy is generated by nuclear energy. Although many people have a negative perception of nuclear power, it is very useful. Nuclear energy is reliable and available 24 hours a day, even if the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing.


The radiation level near a nuclear power plant is lower than in many other activities such as skiing, travelling in an aeroplane or a photo at the dentist. A nuclear power plant can generate enormous amounts of energy, with only a small amount of nuclear fuel. Besides, nuclear energy produces very little waste (which is disposed safely and responsibly), and it is regulated down to the last detail.

Nuclear technology and medicine

Nuclear technology is important for the future. Not only to generate CO2-free energy, but nuclear technology is also widely used for nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine uses radioactive substances to diagnose and perform treatments. This sector innovates and is in full development.

ETC Netherlands

ETC Netherlands, a partnership between Urenco and Orano, is an innovative technology company. They think reducing CO2 emissions is very important for the environment. With advanced high-tech solutions, ETC Netherlands offers its customers safe and sustainable enrichment technology.

Contact information

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