Global Goal 4: Quality education

Obtaining a quality education is the foundation for creating sustainable development and improving human lives. Significant progress has already been made in improving access to education at all levels and in increasing the number of enrolments in schools, in particular for women and girls. Literacy has increased enormously. At the same time, more effort is needed to make more significant progress in achieving quality education for all.

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In short

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Equal access to education and lifelong learning

Currently, girls and boys have equal access to primary education. Still, only few countries have achieved that goal at all levels of education. Education has been greatly improved, especially for women and girls through The Millennium Development Goals.

Secondary and tertiary education

Because primary education is already doing extremely well in the world, Global Goal 4 focuses on primary, secondary and tertiary education. In 2030, all boys and girls must be able to complete primary and secondary school. At the same time, all men and women must have access to affordable vocational, technical and higher education.

Quality of education

Global Goal 4 focusses more on the quality of education and lifelong learning.

Amongst other things, pupils and students must be able to acquire knowledge and skills about sustainable development, sustainable lifestyles, human rights and gender equality. Additionally, schools must promote a culture of peace, non-violence, diversity and global citizenship. This requires qualified teachers. More attention should therefore be paid to training teachers in developing countries.

In short:
  • ensure high-quality education;
  • improve access to education;
  • increase the number of enrolments;
  • achieve equality at all levels of education.