No more stress at the dentist

A visit to the dentist or a treatment in the hospital; for a lot of people it evokes feelings of stress and fear. Medical photographers, René van der Meer and Marlies Lenselink have seen it from up close during their work in the Medisch Spectrum Twente in Enschede. After a career in the care sector, as medical analyst and physiotherapist, they chose for a job behind the camera. For example, they documented patients in the departments of ophthalmology, oral surgery and otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and shot beautiful images for, for example, the department of patient consultancy. Later, their spin-off Beter door Beeld originated and they were asked to contribute to the new decoration of the hospital. Wall-sized photographs, daylight panels and films featuring landscapes and animals. All according to the 'Healing Environment'-concept, in which the key element is to create a better experience and faster recovery of the patient's condition.

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Distraction without losing the overview

The soothing effects of nature have been proven scientifically and forms an important element in René and Marlies’ work. In the RelaxMaker, their innovative video glasses that has just entered the market, nature also plays the leading role. The glasses that covers the eyes but leaves some room to enable to the patient to keep connection with his environment, brings relief and distraction during a procedure. Whether it is about pulling a tooth at the dentist or having a colonoscopy at the hospital. In which relaxing world will the patient find him or herself? He or she will choose the category Animals, World Nature or Dutch Nature from a menu. We see a fox gently making its way through the grass, a flowing stream in summer and snowy mountaintops. The ‘Dutch’ images have been shot by the medical photographers themselves.

Successful pilot

The glasses have already been tested within several different medical disciplines at both hospitals and dentists. The pilots were very successful; during their next visit at the dentist, patients immediately asked for the RelaxMaker. The medical specialist is also enthusiastic; because of the compact size of the glasses and the battery, the procedure can be conducted in an optimal way. In addition, the specialist also keeps contact with the patient and is he able to stop the imagery at any given moment.


The premise of the RelaxMaker is unique and differs from other glasses that are being used in health care. They are predominantly focused on information sharing before or after the procedure. The RelaxMaker is the only set of glasses that is focused on distraction and offer relief before, during and after the procedure. This is also shown by biometric tests; stress levels are significantly lower when the glasses are worn and the patient does not dread the procedure as much. Alongside the current images of nature, content can also be added by medical specialists, such as for example an instruction clip. Also, Marlies and René are brainstorming about a film especially for children.


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Date: 16 January 2017 |

Source of tekst: Beter door Beeld |

Author: Gavroche Abels