More grip on diabetes with the help of eHealth

We apply continuously more technology in our daily lives. Technology can ease our life. We have been using digital banking for years and order more of our groceries with an app on our phones. There are also applications that help us keep in shape. Think of apps that can monitor your eating and exercise behaviour or a smartwatch. These so-called eHealth applications can provide more insight into their health and illness for people with a chronic disease. For example, for people with type 2 diabetes, using eHealth can help them get a grip on the condition and reduce its burden. Because of eHealth, people can sometimes manage with less medication. Nevertheless, the use of eHealth in healthcare is not yet as common as in other sectors. We can change that!

In short

  • Type 2 diabetes is a complex, chronic disease that is common in Twente. Treating diabetes requires customisation.
  • Diet and exercise play an essential role in getting a grip on diabetes.
  • eHealth offers insight into the influence of nutrition and exercise on living with diabetes. This insight makes it possible for patients to take more control over their situation.
  • Partners in Vitaal Twente are working together to develop an offer for using eHealth in living with and treating diabetes. This can benefit both the patients and professionals.

Global Goal

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In Vitaal Twente, a regional partnership that wants to make Twente the most vital region in the Netherlands, ZGT is working as the driving force together with chain partners to achieve this goal. So more person-oriented care and support are available for people with type 2 diabetes. The patients themselves play an essential role in this. People with diabetes who want to use their experiential expertise can contribute ideas and participate in the development of this offer supported by eHealth. They can do this in collaboration with researchers from TOPFIT Citizenlab.

Working together on a more person-oriented approach

A healthy lifestyle plays a significant role in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. This is also the case with type 2 diabetes. Various lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress play a role. Using eHealth can ease life with the disease, as well as its treatment. For people with type 2 diabetes, this offers more control over their (life with) diabetes. There is still no off-the-shelf answer to the question of which applications they can use best and in which way. Because providing person-centred care with the use of eHealth requires a fresh way of collaboration for healthcare professionals and patients. Parties in Vitaal Twente are working together to clarify the new offer and its way of working.

A wide range of offers: something for everyone

Every person with diabetes is different, and so is the treatment and support. One person, for example, mainly benefits from insight into nutrition and its effects on his blood sugar values. Another person wants to receive coaching focused on physical activity. Yet another wants to understand and examine the effect of nutrition and exercise on his blood sugar levels. And some people just want to see a professional three times a year. This means that the researchers of TOPFIT Citizenlab can enrich the existing offer with the use of eHealth, which enables more person-oriented treatment and support. A first step to develop this offer is to try out applications. So that patients and professionals can gain experience with it.

An offer for and by people with type 2 diabetes

To develop the new offer for and by people with type 2 diabetes, there is a collaboration with TOPFIT Citizenlab. This is a three-year research and innovation program in Twente in which various parties work together to develop and deploy technological innovations for health and the healthcare sector. Not only researchers, healthcare professionals and companies are involved in this, but also citizens can contribute.
Researchers and people with type 2 diabetes are looking together for ways to increase control on diabetes using eHealth. Read more about this collaboration with TOPFIT Citizenlab.
Do you want to know more about this project? Please contact or read more about the development of this offer for people with type 2 diabetes

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