Gait and Balance Robot innovates rehabilitation world

A robot that allows you to walk through a space freely during a rehabilitation, in which you do not have to be lifted and which does not entail the support of 3 physiotherapists. The innovative application by start-up Gable Systems could very well turn the rehabilitation world on its head. 


Gable systems is a contraction of the English words gaitand balanceand the combination of the functions enabling us to walk around flexible on our two legs. This matter of course is missing with people suffering brain damage, after for example cerebral hemorrhaging or a stroke. Many of them have to learn, more or less, how to sit and walk again.

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GABLE challenges the patient

The completely new system, developed by Sebastiaan Behrens and Carsten Voort, who both studied Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Twente, consists of, for example, gait and balance support and changes the way in which a patient, having suffered, a stroke can rehabilitate.  This distinguishes the design by Gable Systems from their most important commercial competitor. Around 50 pieces of this machine, the current standard in the rehabilitation scene, are produced annually but it does not have what GABLE has when it comes to functionality and user-friendliness. The competing system is static; the patient hangs in a device which imposes the walking movement above a synchronized treadmill. It lacks real challenge because the patient doesn’t really have to walk himself, the system does that for him.


GABLE supports the patient only when it is really necessary and therefore creates a true challenge. The main difference is that the patient is able to walk around the room freely and is therefore challenged to push its limits. In addition, GABLE is also compact and was made user-friendly and can therefore also be used without professional guidance, after a simple instruction. The robot can, for example, be used in a gym or physiotherapy center. Beside the mobile aspect of the GABLE it can also be combined with a treadmill to work on specific aspects of gait.

Complete package is cost effective

In addition, the ‘complete package’ that GABLE offers is unique because all the systems that normally have to be purchased individually are now integrated into 1 system. Think for example of a treadmill and lifting system connectable to the ceiling, that are usually used in gait rehabilitation. For a lot of organizations it directly means a substantial cost reduction.


To gain advice, Sebastiaan and Carsten can call upon Demcon and with ‘t Roessingh they have found a testing location. The high-tech company  Norma  from Twente has also offered them their workshop annex testlab and office space in exchange for the possibility to produce a robot. This year, the duo will work hard on the last adjustments but they expect to market the GABLE in March 2018. One of their first possible clients is the  Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen.


Have a look at a demo from Gable System here! 

Date: 19 January 2017 |

Source of tekst: Gable Systems |