Best tech idea of 2017: injection without a needle

Billions of needles are used every year in various industries such as the cosmetic and health industry. In the latter alone, more than 12,000 billion needles are used yearly. These needles negatively impact the environment, are dangerous to garbage collectors and public health and impact people afraid of needles. Needles are often disposed and recycled incorrectly, or destroyed.

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In short

  • Needles in the medical and cosmetic industry negatively impact the environment
  • Administering medicine without needles

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Tech idea

Both KIJK’s professional and public jury selected the idea to administrate medicine without needles as best tech idea of 2017.

Using a laser

InkBeams, startup at the University of Twente, developed a new treatment method: administrating medicine using a laser. Their idea was awarded with the “Best tech idea of 2017” prize. According to jury member Astrid Poot, “InkBeams is a nice and relevant idea, especially since many people are afraid of needles. It is extra cool when, in addition, this innovation also leads to fewer needles ending up in waste.”


Injecting medicine in bodies using a laser not only prevents stress and infections, but it is also good for the environment. Yearly billions of needles are produced that are all disposed of after use. It’s good for all if this idea succeeds.

Date: 16 November 2017 |

Source of tekst: KIJK |