ROSEN goes to prison

ROSEN Group is an international organisation focused on pipeline inspections, in particular in the oil and gas industry. Every year, they inspect and repair millions of pipelines around the world using their proprietary technologies. Findings are reported to the customer. If the pipelines are not inspected, detected and repaired prematurely, a small defect can in some cases have major consequences for the environment.

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In short

  • Unusual new customer for ROSEN Group: a prison
  • Maintaining safety through inspections and repairs of prison lamppost

Global Goal

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ROSEN stands for top technologies, protecting humans and the environment

Safety is a paramount value of ROSEN Group. In addition to the development of new technologies, maintenance of various inspection tools and other equipment is carried out daily in the test centre. A lot is invested in the safety of employees as well. Every (new) employee is internally trained and regularly re-trained. Such specific jobs require certain (safety) certificates. A dedicated training and education department has been set up to ensure that employees can continue to develop and work safely throughout their career. This has partly been motivated by the fact that technology in this profession is changing at breakneck speed.

Work in prison

ROSEN Group is mainly active in the oil and gas industry; storage tanks in, for example, the port of Rotterdam, but also train tracks and electricity pylons. Recently, a new customer joined from a completely different field of profession: a prison. ROSEN will inspect and repair their lampposts. What makes this project unique for ROSEN is not the inspection but the location. The schedules of the detainees and other safety regulations must be considered. In cooperation with the customer, a solution was devised through brainstorming sessions to enable the inspections to be carried out properly and safely. 


They have recently added a completely different market to their field: inspections and repairs to the light towers of prisons. Not the inspection, but especially the location made this project unique because the schedule of detainees and other safety rules had to be considered. In cooperation with the customer, a solution was devised through brainstorming sessions to enable the inspections to be carried out safely and adequately. By regularly inspecting the lighting towers, no unexpected dangerous situations will arise, and any repairs can be projected and planned.

Grew to be big, started small

ROSEN started in a small barn just across the border and grew to be an international company with locations all over the world, including in Twente, in just a few years. It still has the characteristics of a family owned company where innovation, safety and vital employees are at the core of attention. ROSEN offers flexible working hours, internal childcare and the possibility to continue careers abroad. A Health and Lifestyle committee has been formed to stimulate a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside the office. The focus on healthy employees can be seen upon entering their building: every step of the stairs shows the number of calories burnt, stimulating to take the stairs. Fresh fruit is offered multiple times per week and employees are regularly challenged to become more active, for example by joining the ‘Bike to Work Day’ and running clinics.


ROSEN Group is an organisation with international employees from all over the world with many backgrounds. The University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences are sources of employees, because of the excellent collaboration between ROSEN and educational institutes in Twente. Still, ROSEN is actively looking for talents that feel passionate about protection people and nature. If interested, check out ROSEN’s vacancies!

Date: 17 September 2018 |