MKB Twente

Smarter and stronger together

Healthy entrepreneurship is central to employers’ association MKB (SME) Twente. They assist entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises in becoming smarter and stronger together, which is part of MKB Twente’s philosophy. This should contribute to strengthening the market positions of the companies involved and increasing their business opportunities.

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Saxion Centrum voor Ondernemerschap
Ariƫnsplein 1
7511 JX Enschede
+31 (0)88 019 13 44

MKB’s services are focused on developing, supporting and optimising entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur’s association can help companies follow the right entrepreneurial course by providing a wide range of market-oriented services and personal guidance.


MKB Twente contributes to increasing employment opportunities in Twente, for example, through a cooperation agreement with Werkplein Twente in Enschede. They help job seekers with finding a job at companies in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. The entrepreneurs’ association is also committed to finding more places where students can do their internships, in cooperation with ROC van Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and other knowledge institutions. This gives those students the necessary practical experience that entrepreneurs need.

Answers to issues

Lobbying towards governments and politics is an important instrument for MKB Twente. It regularly organises thematic network meetings and other activities. Business coaches assist entrepreneurs with daily and non-daily issues. Solidarity is an essential precondition within MKB Twente. They represent entrepreneurs and their interests in various bodies. Entrepreneurs are also brought into contact with potential clients or fellow entrepreneurs to share knowledge and expertise or to exchange tips and advice, for example. Support like this should ultimately lead to better visibility and a wider reach for the companies involved, both in and outside Twente.

Network partners

MKB Twente works on a sustainable future together with other network organisations such as VNO-NCW Twente in Enschede and MKB-Nederland Midden in Apeldoorn.