Green Business Club Twente

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More impact can be made within Twente companies and Twente’s society as a whole because of the local approach. Green Business Club Twente follows the example of Green Business Club Netherlands, and it uses an area-oriented approach. This approach focuses on six themes: sustainable area development, circular construction, mobility, social sustainability, energy and the sustainable think tank.

Future-proof themes

Six project groups work on these sustainable themes. They work together with various knowledge parties and interested organisations in Twente. The basic principle behind this area-oriented approach is that the projects in Twente will create numerous successful ‘green business’ activities within the six circles from Industriële Kring Twente (Industrial Circle Twente, IKT). An area-based business plan is available for every location, in which priorities and a sustainable agenda are created for a sustainable future.

Sustainable ambitions

As a network society, Twente accommodates several ambitious parties for whom sustainability and ‘green business’ are self-evident. Pragmatic use is made of existing, well-functioning platforms through the direct connection with the six local circles within IKT. Green Business Club Twente also shares knowledge about sustainability with its national counterpart and other regional or local clubs through joint knowledge bases.

Concrete initiatives and activities

Green Business Club Twente offers concrete initiatives and activities in the field of sustainability to its participants for a sustainable future. Other companies and organisations can also play an active role in sustainable innovation because of their direct access to the extensive network of frontrunners in sustainable entrepreneurship. Green Business Club Twente plays a facilitating role in taking up sustainable initiatives.

Green Business Club Twente’s Goal

Goal: becoming the most sustainable region of the Netherlands by 2025. Six areas within Twente work on an area-based approach with priorities and an agenda for that specific area.

Network partners

Green Business Club Twente works on a sustainable future together with other network partners, such as Industriële Kring Twente (Industrial Circle Twente, IKT) in Hengelo.