Financieel Netwerk Twente

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Financieel Netwerk Twente’s goal is establishing valuable relationships and enlarging the network of participants. Six activities and meetings are organised every year in an informal atmosphere and setting. They take place at special locations in Twente, depending on the subject and the meeting’s character. Conviviality is central, as well as exchanging thoughts on the subject at hand.

Informative meetings

Informative meetings from Financieel Netwerk Twente are filled with lectures on financial, management, technical or business-related subjects. Guest speakers or company visits highlight a specific theme. A consistent element in these meetings is an informal time for networking, during drinks or over dinner. Usually, a hundred or so enthusiastic participants discuss what occupies the financial managers daily. They also share financial knowledge and expertise. Participants can propose topics themselves.

Network partners

Financieel Netwerk Twente (Financial Network Twente, FNT) works on a sustainable future together with other network organisations such as Industriële Kring Twente (Industrial Circle Twente, IKT) in Hengelo.

Financieel Netwerk Twente’s goal

For entrepreneurs, advisors and others in senior financial management in Twente. Financieel Netwerk Twente’s goal is making valuable contacts, enlarging the network and exchanging knowledge.