Expat Center East Netherlands

The Expat Center Twente is an initiative of the World Trade Center Twente with locations within the new WTC building in Hengelo and once a week at the Stadskantoor in Enschede.

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Expat Center East Netherlands
Industrieplein 2
7553 LL Hengelo
+31 (0)74 2503 325 info@expatcentertwente.com www.wtctwente.nl/expat-center-twente
How can we help?

Our aim is to provide information to companies in the east of the Netherlands and their highly skilled international employees on all matters concerning moving to the Netherlands. With this we want to make the relocation for both HR managers and expats as smooth as possible.

What can we provide?

Apart from giving information, a lot of practical things can be arranged by the Expat Center Twente as well: an orientation tour through Twente, Dutch language training or assistance with taxation and finding a house.

One of the first things to arrange when an international arrives in the Netherlands is obtaining a residence permit and BSN and to register at the local municipality. The Expat Center Twente joined forces with 6 municipalities and the Immigration service (IND) to make this process easier. Once a week we are present at the Stadskantoor in Enschede to arrange these formalities. 

The social aspect of moving to another country is not forgotten either; the Expat Center Twente organises events on a regular basis, like the monthly Expat Meet&Greet, coffee mornings and family outings a few times a year. Through our English newsletter and social media we keep the international community informed about practical things, but also fun facts and activities in the area.

The Expat Center Twente is a central point for companies and expats. Our team of locals and expats is here to serve you: Your Connection To Twente !